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fresh hops from south devon |platform 5 brewery

So, the day finally came when we could pick our hops ready for our first fresh hopped real ale brew. We began the project wondering if we could even grow hops successfully in our heavy clay soil, but grow they did, even giving us a small harvest in their first year. The variety of hops chosen were Dwarf Prima Donna, and following some gloriously sunny late summer days, we deemed them ripe for the picking. A fantastic afternoon was had by all, helped along with a couple of ales (IPA’s if you’re interested) and culminating in a small, but fantastically aromatic harvest of beautiful hops┬áready for an early early Monday morning brew. I decided to brew a golden ale, with just a little light crystal malt, in order to let the hops speak for themselves. Threw all the fresh hops in at flame out and now its the waiting game.…

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