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Tuckers Maltings Beer Festival people drank us dry!

Due to the amount of footfall through the door of our Brew Pub, The Railway in Newton Abbot, we ran out of our ale two days into the three day Tuckers Maltings Beer Festival next door.

Tuckers Maltings Beer Festival | Platform 5 Brew Pub We had three of our ales on over the weekend: The Antelope, The Coaster and Platform 5 IPA. We never expected demand to be so high, but we can sleep well tonight knowing that it all went down so well.

Luckily for us our friends at Red Rock Brewery in Bishopsteignton stepped up to the challenge and restocked the bar for us so we could continue trading on the Sunday.

Sally was actually brewing on the Friday, so quite a few customers got a look inside the Brewery and saw the process in action. It was a real insight for us to meet the real ale fans, and to swap notes on the beers.

You can read more on the subject on the Herald Express site.

Proud to brew Abbfest Ale

Platform 5 Brewing Company are proud to be brewing the Abbfest Ale this year.



Being asked by one of the organisers of Abbfest to brew a special Abbfest Ale was an honour.

We decided to brew a new recipe and allow someone to name the ale. We have had it on the bar in a couple of our pubs for the last week or so.

It’s selling really well, so will become one of our regular brews-now just to track down more of those elusive cascade hops!!

A fresh hopped real ale brew

So, the day finally came when we could pick our hops ready for our first fresh hopped real ale brew.

fresh hopped real ale brew

We began the project wondering if we could even grow hops successfully in our heavy clay soil, but grow they did, even giving us a small harvest in their first year.

The variety of hops chosen were Dwarf Prima Donna, and following some gloriously sunny late summer days, we deemed them ripe for the picking.

A fantastic afternoon was had by all, helped along with a couple of ales (IPA’s if you’re interested) and culminating in a small, but fantastically aromatic harvest of beautiful hops ready for an early early Monday morning brew.

I decided to brew a golden ale, with just a little light crystal malt, in order to let the hops speak for themselves. Threw all the fresh hops in at flame out and now its the waiting game.

This project was a culmination of an idea to grow hops again the South Devon countryside, and an urge to prove that the area can be more than just a retirement village for London bankers! Tribe of Mog provided the green fingered support and Platform 5 provided the drive. May the Coop continue to grow.

south devon hop picking


Platform 5 | IPA

Platform 5 Brewing Company | IPA

Had wanted to brew an IPA for ages, finally created this beauty, bittered with english hops and finished with a whacking great load of Cascades from the good old US of A, it turned out to be a corker, strong too,

please drink with caution as it goes down a bit too easily 😉